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    Terms of Service  

    1. Terms and Conditions Confirmation and Reception

    The ownership and operational rights of the electronic edition of XCN Chinese belong to xcn chinese.com.
    Only the users who totally agree with all of the following terms and conditions can be our formal users.

    2. Users' Rights and Obligations

    1) All the users must:
    Comply with all the network protocol, rules, procedures and conventions in the online service;
    Don't take use of this website to be engaged in illegal activities;
    Don't interfere with or infringe on the website and its users'regular service;
    2) Meanwhile all the users must promise:
    Don't transmit any illegal, disturbing, libelous, abusive, frightening, harmful, vulgar or obscene information data;
    Don't transmit any others' criminal offence data;
    Don't enter other individuals or organizations' computer systems without permission illegally;
    Obey other obligations prescribed by law
    If the users' actions are against the above rules, we can make independent judgment and is entitled to cancel the user qualification immediately. Users should take all of the legal responsibility for what they have done on the net.
    3) Based on the particularity of the network service, users must agree to:
    Provide your accurate name and password and detailed personal data when registering according to the registration hint;
    Update their registration information to ensure it accurate and detailed, if the personal data changes; All the personal data users input will be deemed to be their accurate identities, and it will also provide our website with the valid evidence of identities of all the services.
    Allocate the needed online equipment including personal computers, modem or other necessary online equipment;
    Pay for the phone bill made in this access way and the expenses of surfing Internet.
    4) Users' ID and Password
    Once registered and be our formal users, users should take responsibility for the security of their own ID and password. The password is only held by users themselves.
    We assume no responsibility for the various losses of the users' account or password. Notify us immediately when you find your accounts are used illegally.
    Users take responsibility for all the activities and events under their account. It is not allowed to use the same account for several people. Once this phenomenon is found, your service is off and no tuition will be refunded.
    Users are not allowed to quit school or change courses after paying and the online classroom has already been open.
    5) Our Curriculum Form:
    Online Teaching (One-On-One): One teacher only give online lessons to one student. Students have chance to choose suitable textbook for themselves according to their actual situation. And the teacher will teach considering the student's characteristics.
    Online Q & A (Q & A to Textbook): If students have any problems with our textbook in studying, they can raise the problems in Q & A course. Then online teachers will provide the solutions to them in order to ensure that teachers would help them to solve the study difficulties without delay.

    3. Our Rights and Obligations

    1) Based on the principle of honesty and credibility, we provide users with remote education service without interruption or cessation. But if the service is interrupted or ceased due to irresistible or other non-human reasons, we won't assume any responsibility.
    2) The copyright of works in Any form in our website (including but not limited to text, software, sounds, pictures, video tape, excel, E-mail, etc.) is owned both by the copyright owner and the website XCN - Chinese.com. Users are forbidden from copying and reproducing the works including electronic courseware in any form and can't be engaged in any violation of Copyright Law and its relevant laws and regulations. The individual person or the organization that infringes on this website's intellectual property rights will be prosecuted for his civil liability and criminal liability. The content in study (courseware voice, lecture text, off-line courseware, exercise and answers) is only allowed to be use by themselves after being downloaded, but not to be transmitted to, shared with or sold to others. In those cases, we will block their accounts without refund of tuition and their liability shall be investigated according to law.
    3) This website has the power of supervision and direction to users' online activities. And we have the right to terminate all the services to the users who are engaged in illegal Internet activities.
    4) The website has its exclusive rights to publish, issue and copy for the communication works having issued on it.

    4. Data Privacy

    This website will strictly obey the obligations to keep the secret of users' privacy and to promise not to open, edit or leak out users' personal data. But the following states of affairs are out of the case:
    When we are authorized to leak out these information;.
    When the corresponding laws and legal procedure requires us to provide the user's personal information,
    When it is for the security needs to safeguard the individual and society in emergent situation.

    5. Modification

    1) We will independently modify the terms and conditions when necessary based on the development of Internet and the changes of the laws and regulations.
    2) Once the terms and conditions change, there will be a modification hint on the important page. If users don't agree with that, they can abandon this network service voluntarily; if users enjoy the network service, they are deemed to accept the changes. When encountering disputations, the latest service provision is the standard one.

    P.S.: Our website XCN Chinese.com have the final authority for interpretation of the above contents.

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