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Welcome to join our free course, we provide 20 minutes' one-on-one oral Chinese course (Daily language) for each person per day for free.

Welcome to XCN Chinese
Living in hotel together or Living with a Chinese family separately

1. Living in hotel together: living, studying, playing, and practicing languages together 24 hours/ day in a multicultural environment. (This option is mainly for students who can not speak Chinese) You will live with other campers from different countries in hotel of Puti Mountain Hamlet in Nanning Liangfengjian National Forest Park. There is no single room and two people will share one room, grouped according to age and sex. Rooms are well-equipped with beds, TV, computer and DSL service, bathroom and toilet. In Puti Mountain Hamlet, we can provide a set of comprehensive service facilities including Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant, classroom, indoor stadium, swimming pool, tennis court, room for KTV, room for Chess and Cards, golf club, fishing, barbecue, and so on. We have confidence that all our members will spend a colorful and wonderful summer camp there.

2. Living with a Chinese family is one of the best ways to get to know the country, including its culture and its people. It will also allow students to practice the Chinese language in a natural way.(This option is mainly for students who can speak Chinese, more or less) The families are selected and visited regularly by our staff. In all of them, students will find a warm atmosphere that will help them get integrated into the family and city life very quickly. Students will have a single room or a twin room for friends or for two students from the same family coming together and they can select being with full or with half board. The family provides the bed linen and towels, computer and DSL service, and will have laundry once or twice a week and they should keep their room clean and tidy, and share the housework with the rest of the family. As in any family around the world, there are also a series of rules students must follow: be punctual to meal hours, let the host know if they are not having lunch or dinner at home, phone when arriving late...
Reference of Itinerary for 2009 Chinese Summer Camp Program

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 (Saturday)
Day 7 (Sunday)
A.M. AM: Learning Chinese
AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese Tour around Daming Mountain Soak in Jiahe Hot Spring
Lunch Lunch: Chinese cuisine -Nanning Lemon Duck Lunch: Chinese cuisine -Yulin specialty  Lunch: Chinese cuisine - Beijing Roast Duck  Lunch: Chinese cuisine -Chaozhou dishes  Lunch: Chinese cuisine -Dongbei jiaozi
P. M. PM: Ceremony of Chinese summer camp, travel around the city (Bridge of Yong River, Nanning station. Wu Xiang square) PM: Visit Nanning Zoo P. M: Visit Xinhua Bookstore in Nanning, Guangxi cultural museum P. M: Visit Qingxiu Mountain and temple PM: Campfire evening party including Chinese students
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10 (Wednesday)
Day 11 (Thursday)
Day 12
Day 13 (Saturday)
Day 14 (Sunday)
A.M. AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese AM: Learning Chinese Guilin 2-day tour. Cruise on the Lijiang, experiencing the beautiful lovely scenery of Guilin
Taste something special in Guilin, especially Guilin rice noodle
Lunch Lunch: Chinese cuisine Sanqi Chicken of Yunnan Lunch: Chinese cuisine-Nanning friendship rice noodle/noodle Lunch: Chinese cuisine -mutton hotpot of Mongolian Lunch: Chinese cuisine - Lanzhou noodle Lunch: Chinese cuisine -hotpot for Sichuan dish
P. M. PM: Visit Guangxi University/ Guangxi University for Nationalities/ Guangxi University for Art, and so on PM: Visit Wild Botanical Garden of Subtropical Region PM: Visit Art museum PM: Sport game with Chinese students PM: Chinese movie
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17 (Wednesday)
Day 18 (Thursday)
Day 19
Day 20 (Saturday)
Day 21 (Sunday)

AM: Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese + Chinese cooking (steam Tilapia) Learning Chinese + Chinese cooking (Tomato scrambled with eggs) AM: Learning Chinese + Chinese cooking (stir-fried vegetable) AM: Learning Chinese + Chinese cooking (chicken stew) Beihai 2-day tour
Tour around Beihai, go for seafood. Return to Nanning, Farewell Party in homestay family.
Chinese summer camp is over.

Lunch: Chinese specialty-food cooked and served in a casserole

Lunch: Chinese cuisine Liuzhou Luosi rice noodle Lunch: Chinese specialty-Mutton of black goat in Mashan Lunch: Chinese specialty-Pumiao rice noodle newly extracted from rice Lunch: Chinese specialty- Hunan Cuisine
P. M. PM: Learn Chinese calligraphy (Lesson and practice) PM: Learn Chinese Painting (lesson) PM: Learn Chinese Painting (practice) PM: Learn Chinese Gong Fu (lesson and practice) PM: shopping for gifts
Schedule & Fees
Program Type
Program Date
Application Deadline

study & Tour Program
( Study + travel in Nanning, Guilin and Beihai)

07/25/09 -08/16/09
$3,980 USD

The Program fee includes:

1. Tuition fee and textbooks for the Chinese courses in Nanning .
2. Accommodation, three meals in a day, computer and DSL service (Homestay in a family includes private bedroom, breakfast, computer and DSL service.)
3. Cultural activities and weekend excursions in China .
4. All transportation in China (train, air plane and bus).
5. Airport pick-up and drop-off upon arrival and departure.
6. 24 hours assistance, provided by our Nanning office and staff.
7. Orientation Package, which includes: Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary, map of Nanning , phone card of 100RMB and a mobile SIM card, etc.
8. Travel Accident Insurance in China (the highest insurance premium is 100 thousand RMB for personal accident insurance, and for accident medical insurance is 50 thousand RMB)

Fee does not include:

1. Round trip ticket.
2. Insurance (It's a must for students to buy Overseas Traveling Emergency Assistance Medical Insurance)
3. Visa application fee.


•  Please submit to us registration fee of USD $100.00 after you have filled out the online registration form and submitted it, we can confirm that you had a success full completion of registration only when we have received your remittance.

•  Please apply for tour visa at the Chinese Embassy Consulate Visa Office in your country after your registration. Or we can do this for you by faxing your passport and information needed.

•  Check-in Time: 07/21/09 -07/24/09, Check-in Place: Guangzhou, China. Our reception personnel will pick you up in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

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